Yadong Ji


Yadong Ji

M.A., Zhejiang University

(Fall 2014 Cohort)

RTVC 181


Specializations: health communication, intercultural communication, persuasion


Yadong Ji (Jee) earned his B.A. in Journalism from Zhejiang University in June 2012. He earned his master degree from the same university in June 2014, majoring in Communication Studies. Ji’s research interests are mainly health communication, companioned with intercultural communication. Specifically, he concentrates on how people negotiate their health choices between the Western medical system and indigenous health systems. Intercultural health campaign utilizing hegemonic persuasions also interests him.
Ji is currently a teaching assistant at Ohio University, mostly teaching Communication among Cultures. He has been endowed with Enlight Fellowship from the Scripps College.
Traditional Chinese activities fulfill his non-scholarly time. Ji enjoys tennis, cooking, and movies. Intercultural conversations will always excite him.

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