Sheida Z. Shirvani, Ph.D.


Sheida Z. Shirvani, Ph.D.

Professor- Zanesville Campus
Elson Hall 135


Sheida Shirvani (Ph.D. North Texas State University) is the Academic Division Coordinator in the Ohio University Zanesville. Dr. Shirvani is nationally known in the field of Gender and Cultural Communication. Prior to her current appointment as Academic Division Coordinator, she served as full professor in the department of Communication studies at Zanesville Campus.

Dr. Shirvani first came to the Ohio University Zanesville as assistant professor in 1987. She became associate professor in 1994, and a full professor 2003. She is currently has dual Position as Academic Division Coordinator and full professor in communication department.

A native of Tehran, Iran she received a bachelor’s degree in English Lit (1976), a master’s degree in Cross Cultural Communication (1979), and Ph.D. in College Teaching, specialization – Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication. She teaches variety of communication courses, currently teaches the following communication courses: Gender, Cross cultural, interviewing, women’s health, health communication, Capstone course in communication, and Master course (Gender communication).

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