Savannah Sanburg


Savannah Sanburg

M.A.: University of Colorado – Denver

(Fall 2016 Cohort)

Specializations: Social Justice; Autoethnography; GLBTQII Advocacy; Trans* Advocacy, Rhetoric and Public Address Pedagogy


Savannah Sanburg acquired a Master’s degree in Social Justice from the University of Colorado Denver in the Fall of 2015. Savannah has been an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Colorado (Boulder campus), University of Colorado (Denver campus), and the Community College of Aurora in Colorado. Savannah has an interdisciplinary resume, teaching subjects that include: Freshman Composition, Public Speaking, Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Global Media, African-American History, Foundations of Ethnicity in America and US Popular Culture, Introduction to Africana Studies, Contemporary Asian-American Studies, and Global Media.

Savannah earned a B.S. in Speech Communication with a concentration in Rhetoric and Public Address from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013. Savannah also received a B.S. in Consumer Sciences from Colorado State University in 1998.

In addition to Savannah’s teaching portfolio, she works with the OU Speaking Bobcats under the direction of Dan West. Savannah has been in the Forensics circuit since 1995 as a successful Interp Finalist in both Regional and National Tournaments. Currently, Savannah is teaching COMS 1030 (Fundamentals of Public Speaking) under the direction of Dr. Angela Hosek.

Recently, Savannah has added a new member to her family, a Pomeranian/tzi tzu, who she has uniquely named “Foucault.” In her spare time, she loves playing with her new dog and binge watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

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