John Marc Cuellar

John Marc Cuellar

M.A., San Angelo State University

(Fall 2015 Cohort)

RTV 197


John Marc Cuellar graduated from Angelo State University, in San Angelo, Texas, in May of 2015 with a M.A. in Communication. While attending A.S.U., he became interested in autoethnography. He co-directed the 2015 Doing Autoethnography conference and continues to write with the narrative form of methodology, publishing his first autoethnographic article in the fall of 2015.
His interests include interpersonal relationships, parasocial relationships, identity, social construction, and pop culture. He is currently seeking a doctorate at Ohio University, where he is entered in the relating and organizing track. There, he teaches Public Speaking, continuing a teaching journey that began with years spent teaching elementary school.
His personal interests include travel, music, pop culture, sports entertainment, and cinema. When not working on academic endeavors, these are usually the interests that occupy his time.

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