Kristen Okamoto


Kristen Okamoto

(Fall 2013 Cohort)
Specializations: health communication, organizational communication, and embodied understandings of food and wellbeing
RTVC 197


Kristen earned her B.S. from Appalachian State University in Communication Studies and her M.A. in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Guided by poststructural feminist and narrative theories, Kristen explores how diverse bodies assume meaning through societal discourse, relational interactions, and institutional practices. Her research and creative activity explores how our experience of health is shaped by organizing practices and in turn assumes meaning within and through diverse bodies. Her scholarship is incited by questions such as: How are bodies disciplined through organizational practices related to food consumption, exercise, and movement in spatial domains? What are the visible and hidden costs of asymmetrical power relations? In what ways do food’s spatial, temporal, and material elements serve to emplot our understanding of health? What social orders are maintained or disrupted through storytelling? Whose interests are served (or not) through dominant narrative practices? Under what conditions can counter-narratives reimagine and/or articulate alternative possibilities?
A self-proclaimed lover of all things food, Kristen enjoy s collecting cookbooks, trying new recipes, and discovering restaurants in hidden away places.
You may often find her hiking with her dog, or singing loudly to herself in the car.

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