Rebekah Crawford

Rebekah Crawford

M.A., Ohio University

(Fall 2013 Cohort)

RTVC 197

Specializations: narrative methods, dialogue theory, rhetorical analysis, feminist thought, mental health, religious organizations


As a narrative scholar situated at the intersection of heath, interpersonal, and organizational communication, my research agenda focuses on the effects communication has on the wellness of individuals who experience embodied difference within larger social groups. Guided by aesthetic and pragmatist sensibilities, I am specifically interested in dialogues and narratives that inform our understanding of mental illness within religious communities. Because encountered narratives inform identity creation and performance, the critical interrogation of an organization’s narrative environment, inclusion of counter-narratives, and an understanding of a social group’s constitutive role in shaping the meaning we ascribe to difference is key. My scholarly agenda is informed by feminist thought, and as a cultural critic I seek to interrogate the ways habitus limits or enables individual development and how communication forms communities of acceptance or exclusion.

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