Elizabeth M. Jenkins

Elizabeth M. Jenkins

M.A., Ball State University

(Fall 2016 Cohort)

RTV 239


Specializations: Computer-mediated communication, interpersonal communication


My research seeks to understand interpersonal and health communication in new media contexts. I consider myself to be a social scientific researcher in terms of methods (quantitative and qualitative). However, the research questions I ask take critical stances in terms of the communication phenomenon in question. I believe that my scholarship, interdisciplinary and collaborative nature, teaching record, and commitment to teaching, working, and living in diverse settings make me an ideal candidate for this position. This letter outlines each of my qualifications for this position.

My research examines how people communicate across various platforms and modalities in ways that could lead to experiences that involve mental health, personal agency, identity negotiations, and interpersonal conflict. Specifically, I study intimate partner sexting communication, mediated white lie deception, and marginalized identities in mediated contexts. I argue that the same communicative behaviors and the same technology affordances that are often perceived as detriments to an individual and their interpersonal relationships could also lead to positive outcomes, especially with a shift in focus, context, or application. These highly consequential, interpersonal, and mediated communication contexts are situated within the “dark side” of communication research. However, my work challenges assumptions about the dark side of mediated communication.

My research has been published in Computers in Human Behavior (four separate publications), which is a top-tier interdisciplinary computer-mediated communication journal, and in Journal of Children and Media, which is a premier journal for research concerning child and teenager media use. Currently, I have manuscripts at varying stages of review at Communication Studies, Discourse Processes, Pennsylvania Communication Annual, and Education, Citizenship and Social Justice.

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