Elizabeth Jenkins

Elizabeth Jenkins

M.A., Ball State University

(Fall 2016 Cohort)

RTV 239


Specializations: Computer-mediated communication, interpersonal communication


Elizabeth seeks to understand people’s interpersonal communication through mediated contexts. Her current projects examine how people use various communication modalities in damaging ways or in ways that lead to harmful consequences for a person’s interpersonal relationships. She contests that these same communicative behaviors could also lead to positive outcomes. The primary communicative contexts Elizabeth examines are sexting in committed relationships and deceptive communication, specifically white lies in interpersonal relationships. She focuses on action-based research to develop communicative interventions with the goal of applying her findings to real-world situations and communication-based campaigns. Elizabeth’s work varies between experimental designs and qualitative formative campaign methods.

Outside of research, Elizabeth is passionate about teaching. She attempts to create and maintain meaningful connections with her students through specifically constructing her course curriculum to meet their current and future needs, demonstrating relationships between course content and their lives, and focusing on her students’ wellbeing. Therefore, she seeks to create a co-existence and co-learning experience in a relationally rich, dynamic space of connection.

When Elizabeth is not focused on research and teaching, she enjoys spending time with her partner, friends, family (especially her 12-year-old nephew) and her fur-babies: a 9-year-old Old English Sheepdog, named Sadie and a 9-year-old “Pusheen-looking” cat named, Lulu.

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