Elizabeth Jenkins

Elizabeth Jenkins

M.A., Ball State University

(Fall 2016 Cohort)

RTV 239


Specializations: Computer-mediated communication, interpersonal communication


Broadly speaking, Elizabeth’s research interests surround how interpersonal relationships are impacted by computer-mediated communication (CMC). Specifically, she seeks to understand people’s interpersonal communication through CMC. Further, she investigates how the same communication processes that happen in non-mediated contexts also take place in mediated communication. Although, various communication modalities may lead to differing relational outcomes because the features of different platforms affect people’s communication. Taken as a whole, her research examines the dialectic between the dark versus light sides of human communication. Specifically, Elizabeth’s current projects examine how people use various communication modalities in somewhat negative ways (e.g., consenting to coercive sexting) or how the modality’s features lead to negative outcomes (e.g., a teenagers’ sext message being forward to her/his entire school). Thus, she argues that there is the potential that the damaging use or harmful consequences of these modalities could hurt a person’s interpersonal relationships. However, Elizabeth contests that the same communicative behavior (e.g., sexting) could also be used in positive ways (e.g, sexting between long distance partners who cannot otherwise share intimacy) or lead to positive outcomes (e.g., augment relationship maintenance).

Outside of research, Elizabeth is passionate about teaching. She values co-learning and the shared space that happens in the classroom. Elizabeth seeks to inspire future generation of students through showing compassion to them and guiding them in their journey.

When Elizabeth is not focused on research and teaching, she enjoys spending time with her partner, friends, family, and her Old English Sheepdog, Sadie.

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