Courtney Hook

Courtney Hook

M.A., San Diego State University

(Fall 2017 Cohort)

RTV 254

Specializations: Organizational Communication, Prison Activism, Health Narratives


Courtney Hook earned her B.A. in Communication Studies with a minor in Criminology and Sociology of Law from Western Washington University in June, 2014. After taking a year off to travel through 20 European and African cities, she received her M.A. in Communication Studies from San Diego State University in May, 2017. Courtney’s research emphasizes how individuals communicate in instructional, health, and incarceration settings. Recent qualitative work has investigated how college students negotiate academic identity, how nutrition and spirituality intersect, and how incarcerated women communicate social support to form communities behind bars.

Outside of the office, Courtney enjoys cuddling up with a Jodi Picoult novel, watching Jeopardy with her grandparents, and vacationing at Hogwarts and Winterfell.


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