Christy Zempter

Christy Zempter

M.A., Ohio University

(Fall 2015 Cohort)

RTVC 197

Specializations: intercultural communication, rhetoric and rhetorical criticism, journalism, newsroom communication, communication in service contexts


Christy Zempter earned her B.A. in journalism from Marshall University in 1990. After working for 17 years in the newspaper industry and another eight years in communication positions in government and higher education, she received her M.A. in communication studies from Ohio University before entering the doctoral program. Her research interests fall along two lines—intercultural communication and newsroom communication. Her interest in intercultural communication is focused on its enactment in service contexts, and her experience in newsrooms has inspired an interest in the interpersonal and intergroup communication that takes place within them. She is further interested in the rhetoric around traditional news practices in a digital age.
As a one-time literary columnist, Zempter relishes the opportunity to read fiction, mostly of the 20th-century American variety. She also loves films. Few things make her happier than a glass of bourbon and a Faulkner paperback or a late-night viewing of Cool HandLuke.

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