Yea-Wen Chen, Ph.D.


Yea-Wen Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Intercultural Communication; Intercultural Friendships; Identity-Based Nonprofit Organizing; Intersecting Cultural Identities; Critical Race Theory
Schoonover Center 407


“As a critical/interpretive intercultural communication scholar, Dr. Yea-Wen Chen’s research program focuses on the intersection of identity, relationship building, and social justice across local, national, and global contexts. She has investigated intercultural friendships, interracial/intercultural romantic relationships, and intercultural nonprofit partnerships. Her current work examines how members of identity-based nonprofit organizations relate across differences and negotiate their intersecting identity positions, and implications of such negotiations for nonprofit work. One of the projects that she is pursuing in partnership with a pan-Asian nonprofit in the Midwestern United States re-examines, re-thinks, and re-considers the concept of “pan-Asian organizing” as a community building mechanism and its limitations, potentials, and possibilities for promoting social justice, inclusion, and equity.”

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