Carson Kay

Carson Kay

M.A., Ohio University

(Fall 2016 Cohort)

Scripps 019B

Specializations: Political rhetoric, partisanship, identity, news media


Carson S. Kay earned her B.S. in Animal Science from Berry College. Her research examines identity and sense of belonging in national rhetorics about American partisanship. More specifically, she examines the moderate conservative’s positionality in contemporary political discourse. Who, she asks, is the moderate conservative today? Often, she contemplates the implications of news media coverage on individuals’ identification with political parties.

Kay strongly values her identity as a teacher-scholar, mentoring in both interpersonal and classroom domains. Backed by over a decade of competitive public speaking experience, Kay helps coach the O.U. Speaking Bobcats Speech and Debate Team. She specializes in prepared public address and speech-writing, guiding students in developing their research, writing, and public platform skills. Furthermore, as a graduate teaching associate, she has used her public communication experience in the classroom, teaching introductory public speaking to students of all majors.

When she’s not in the office, Kay writes and sketches in Athens’s coffee shop corners. She adores animals and is also an enthusiast of photography, food, music, and the great outdoors.

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