Caroline Waldbuesser

Caroline Waldbuesser

M.A., Texas State University

(Fall 2015 Cohort)

RTVC 197

Specializations: instructional communication, organizational communication, social movement studies, and organizational rhetoric


Caroline Waldbuesser received her B.S. in communication studies from Missouri State University in May 2013 and her M.A. in communication studies from Texas State University in May 2015. Waldbuesser’s research interests include communication in nonprofit organizations, communication in the college class room, social movements, and the experiences of instructors as organizational members. More specifically, her current research focuses on the socialization and experiences of graduate teaching assistants as organizational members, how instructor emotions influence students in the classroom, and how narratives are used by nonprofit organizations.
Waldbuesser is currently a graduate teaching assistant for lower level communication courses at Ohio University.
When not focused on professional and scholarly work, Waldbuesser enjoys crocheting, cooking, and traveling.

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