Faculty/Staff Directory

Dr. Roger Aden delivers a lecture at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia


Claudia Hale, Ph.D., Interim Director

Christina S. Beck, Ph.D., Associate Director for Graduate Studies

Jerry L. Miller, Ph.D., Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies

Angela M. Hosek, Ph.D., Public Speaking Course Director

Patricia Davidson, M.Ed., Department Administrator

Kristina McKinley, Administrative Services Associate

Candice Thomas-Maddox , Organizational Communication MA Graduate Coordinator (Lancaster Campus)*

Athens Campus Faculty

Regional Campus Faculty

Candice Thomas-Maddox* , Organizational Communication MA Graduate Coordinator (Lancaster Campus)

Nicole Blau, Ph.D.* (Lancaster Campus)

Mikiko Crawford, Ph.D.* (Southern Campus)

Purba Das, Ph.D.* (Southern Campus)

Karen Evans, Ph.D. (Lancaster Campus)

Pamela Kaylor, Ph.D. (Lancaster Campus)

Richard Kowieski, Ph.D. (Chillicothe Campus)

Sarah Mahan-Hays, Ph.D.* (Eastern Campus)

Rita Ng, Ph.D. (Zanesville Campus)

Sheida Shirvani, Ph.D.* (Zanesville Campus)

Lisa Wallace, Ph. D. (Chillicothe Campus)

Graduate Faculty on our regional campuses are designated with *

Graduate Teaching Associates

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