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As a graduate student you are responsible for keeping track of your own program and ensuring that you are completing appropriate milestones/tasks on time. This page provides information that may be helpful to you as you plan for future years, track your progress, and make plans for your dissertation. You should discuss your progress with your advisor from time to time to ensure that everyone is one the same page.

Every graduate student should make sure that he or she is on track to meeting the degree requirements for the program. These requirements include coursework, preliminary examination, the portfolio, and the dissertation.
These are minimum requirements. The School also encourages you to enhance your graduate experience to help you prepare for the career and life path you are most interested in. We have tried to come with ways that you can enhance your graduate experience to prepare you for that path. Although these ideas are not exhaustive, they can be a useful starting point:

Finally, we encourage you familiarize yourself with the Graduate Student Handbook and with the various forms you will need to complete to prove that you have passed the milestones in our program.

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Carson S. Kay
2019 Outstanding Doctoral Student. School of Communication Studies, Ohio University.

Elizabeth M. Jenkins
2019 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate. School of Communication Studies, Ohio University.

Courtney Hook
2019 Outstanding Researcher. School of Communication Studies, Ohio University.


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