Grace Sikapokoo

Grace Sikapokoo


(Fall 2019 Cohort)

RTVC 239

Specializations: Health communication, market research


Grace Sikapokoo is a market research and customer experience professional with over 10 years in Corporate South Africa behind her. She started her career as a graduate in the market research field and realized how much she enjoyed listening to customers and helping businesses understand how to improve their services, so she decided to focus her postgraduate studies in the market research and health communications field. After completing her postgraduate studies, she worked as a strategy analyst for few years and that lead to an opportunity to work as a customer experience professional. She formed the first Research and Customer Experience team at Old Mutual Insure, which was the foundation of the Customer centric culture drive that the company has today. During her time there, she obtained an MBA that focused on the development and execution of customer centric strategies; however she identified that a strong set of communications skills was required to help change and influence organizations and leaders to change and put people first. With her passion for people and change, she believes she will gain a lot from the COMS Doctoral program and looks forward to being part of the family.

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