Featured Alumni

Jacob Bruder

“I am so grateful for the flexibility the Communication Studies major provided me. Like most incoming freshmen, I was unsure of what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. By majoring in Communication Studies, I was able to test the waters of the different fields relating to or involving communication. Through my undergraduate years, I was able to study communication, political science, marketing and sales. Ultimately, I will be starting my career in the field of domestic and global sales, and I owe that to the dynamic structure of the Communication Studies major.”

Anna Dirda

“I am very grateful for everything I have learned through my COMS major. The classes I took and professors I encountered opened my eyes to so much. I appreciated the wide range of skills I was taught and plan to use them in my future careers! COMS equips you to go into any situation confident and ready to make positive change. After graduation I hope to find a company that aligns with my goals and values!”

Mayne Williams

“I truly had an eye opening experience during my time studying communication. It dawned on me that despite the social differences we may have amongst each other, we are all connected through the place and space in which we share.”

Jennifer Kinzeler

“COMS equipped me with the skills to continue being a scholar way beyond my years in the classroom. Through COMS I learned how to critically think about information I receive and to always be open to adopting new beliefs and perspectives. This is the fruit, the nourishment we all crave.I will be moving to Beijing, China to be an English tutor and an au pair. My professors and instructors in COMS have prepared me well for life post graduation. The possibilities are endless!”

Alexis Broomes

“I enjoyed my time In Comm Studies. I learned so much about the purpose, technique, and science of communication and how we can all use it to connect to others in different situations. The past three and half years have opened me up to a wide variety of contextual communication types (Organizational Communication, Environmental Communication, and Communication Among Cultures, etc.) that have broadened my world view of how to convey myself and understand others through what we say, don’t say, do and don’t do. Communication is such a powerful tool, and I’m glad that I chose the right field for me.”

Ashley Robinson



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