Courtney Hook

Courtney Hook Receives 2020 COMS Kantner Fellowship Nomination

 The School of Communication Studies Awards Committee has selected third year doctoral student, Courtney Hook, as its 2020 Kantner Fellowship Nominee. One of the most prestigious fellowships at Ohio University, the Claude Kantner Fellowship provides $15,000 plus a full tuition scholarship for Fall and Spring semesters, enabling the recipient to focus on dissertation research without any other scholarly responsibilities for the year.

 Ms. Hook’s project will employ an interpretive lens to explore how prisoner rehabilitation is fostered in and through communication, with a careful attentiveness to examining contradictions and tensions in discourse across various prison programs. In particular, her dissertation research will explore how rehabilitation gets communicatively constructed behind bars and how it is fostered within and through dialogue. Further, it will consider the dialogical and/or dialectical tensions that exist within and across sectors of prison rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Brittany Peterson, Associate Professor in the School of Communication Studies, serves as Ms. Hook’s dissertation advisor. She noted that “I am absolutely thrilled that our school selected Courtney Hook as our Kanter nominee. Courtney plans to explore the communicative construction of recidivism in a women’s prison–work that has the potential to make meaningful contributions to both theory and practice.” Dr. Peterson stressed the passion that her advisee brings to her research, emphasizing that “[i]t is evident to anyone who knows her, that Courtney cares deeply about her participants, and she is fiercely committed to this work.”

COMS congratulates Courtney Hook on this nomination and wish her the best with the University-wide selection process!



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