Alyx McLuckie

Alyx McLuckie

B.A., University of Kentucky

(Fall 2019 Cohort)

RTVC 197

Specializations: Genderqueer identities, critical and sociocultural elements of society


Alyx McLuckie earned their bachelor’s degree in Communication (Mass Communication) with departmental honors from the University of Kentucky. Their research typically seeks to focus on critical sociocultural elements that affect society and how people come to understand their roles in it through their own identity and socialization. As a qualitative scholar, Alyx’s recent work has involved understanding genderqueer identities in burlesque through autoethnographies and how romance novels/Fifty Shades of Grey influence participation in BDSM/kink activities while also understanding power dynamics in relationships. In the end, they hope through their research and dedication to teaching to help people feel empowered to embrace their axes of identity and live their authentic lives.

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