Supporting the Program

Staying in contact is the most important way that you can support our program after graduation.  If you have the ability to provide support in other ways, we are certainly grateful.  Here are ways that our alumni have and continue to support our program.

  • Periodic or annual contributions to the school through the Ohio University Foundation.  These contributions are tax deductible.  Such donations are used to support student and faculty professional development and other activities central to our mission as a school.
  • Hiring Interns.  Our undergraduate students gain critical knowledge and experience through internships.  We are constantly looking for productive internship experiences for our majors.
  • Visiting as a guest in a class.  We value opportunities to have alumni come back and talk to current students about their experiences at OU as well as current trends in their professional field.
  • Collaborative Research Projects.  Our faculty and students often do various types of resaerch projects that involve meaningful partnerships with community organizations, businesses, and other entities.  If you are interested in doing basic research we may be able to help!

This list is certainly not comprehensive.  If you have an idea for how you can support the school, we encourage you to contact us for discussion.
If you would like to make a financial contribution to the school, the easiest way is to use the OU Foundation’s secure website.  You should check the “College of Communication” and then indicate “School of Communication Studies” in the Special Instruction’s box.

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