The School of Communication Studies (COMS), one of five schools in the Scripps College of Communication, was renamed in 2002 from the School of Interpersonal Communication (InCo). The program, in some fashion, has been part of the fabric of Ohio University since 1808. From the first courses on logic (dialectic) and persuasion (rhetoric) taught in English, to the creation of InCo in 1964 as one of three programs in the newly created College of Communication, to the scholarly instruction and research in organizational and interpersonal communication, health and relational communication, public advocacy and cultural studies in a globally and technologically advanced society, our program continues to explore the challenges inherent to human communication. For a comprehensive review of our history, we welcome you to review The School of Interpersonal Communication: An Historical Perspective written in 1989 by Paul H. Boase and Charles V. Carlson. For a review of our contemporary program, please explore both the Undergraduate and Graduate pages to gain a better understanding of our curriculum, as well as the Faculty/Staff Directory to review the scholarly interests of our faculty.

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