Paul H. Boase Prize for Scholarship

Paul H. Boase was regarded as a visionary in the field of communication.  He was influential in advancing the study of interpersonal communication.  Because of his vision, the School of Interpersonal Communication at Ohio University (then called INCO) was the first academic unit to use that name.  Dr. Boase was the first director of the School, serving in that role from 1964 to 1981.  Dr. Boase died December 13, 2000.  The Boase Prize for scholarship was created to, in the words of his wife Connie, “keep his name alive” in the field.  The award is given annually to scholars who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in any area of communication.

2016 Recipient: Dr. Ronald C. Arnett

Learn more about Dr. Arnett.

2015 Recipient: Dr. Karen Foss

Learn more about Dr. Foss.

2014 Recipient: Dr. Karen Tracy

Learn more about Dr. Tracy.

2013 Recipient: Dr. Kent A. Ono


Learn more about Dr. Ono.


Past Recipients:

  • 2016 Dr. Ronald C. Arnett
  • 2015 Dr. Karen Foss
  • 2014 Dr. Karen Tracy
  • 2013 Dr. Kent A. Ono
  • 2012 Dr. Patrice Buzzanell
  • 2011 Dr. Brenda Allen
  • 2010 Dr. Barbara Sharf
  • 2009 Dr. David Seibold
  • 2008 Dr. Bonnie J. Dow
  • 2007 Dr. Carole Blair
  • 2006 Drs. Robert Hariman and John Lucaites
  • 2005 Dr. Gerry Philipsen
  • 2004 Dr. Martin Medhurst
  • 2003 Dr. James Andrews (inaugural recipient)

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