Melissa Weller

Melissa Weller

(Fall 2015 Cohort)
M.A., Ohio University
RTVC 181


Melissa Weller earned her A.A. in Applied Business with an emphasis in Computer Science in 1994 and her B.A. in Communication Studies in December 2012, both from Ohio University. Weller also earned her M.A. in Organizational Communication from Ohio University. Her research interests include family and interpersonal communication, namely adoption reconnections and terminal illness communication. Other areas of interest for research include racist and sexist microaggressions on social media and non-profit volunteering.
Weller previously held an adjunct position at Ohio University’s Lancaster-Pickerington branch location, where she taught entry-level communication courses and began to develop her passion for teaching college students.
Outside of scholarly work and study, Weller spends time with her husband and four children. She enjoys gardening, visiting extended family, and co-chairs her community Relay for Life event each year.

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