Gang Luo


Gang Luo

(Fall 2015 Cohort)
M.A. and M.B.A., Fitchburg State University
Specializations: relating and organizing, communication theory, critical scholarship, intercultural contexts and rhetorical paradoxes
RTVC 254


Gang (Gary) Luo earned his LL.B. in International Law from Wuhan University and his M.B.A. and Master’s in Applied Communication from Fitchburg State University. Luo has a wide range of academic and research interests including the interplay between ontology, epistemology and rhetorical paradoxes, as well as applying postmodern (critical and hermeneutic) approaches to relating and organizing, particularly in a cross-cultural context. In addition, he is interested in Western and non-Western philosophy of communication, interpersonal neurobiology and digital communication. Luo enjoys serving as a graduate teaching associate and believes the combination of teaching and learning is immensely beneficial to his scholarship development.
When not engaged with scholarly and professional duties, Luo thinks about how to find and avoid the epistemological errors he is constantly making through self-reflection. He does enjoy other social persuasions such as all kinds of music, particularly guitar and piano solos, working out and consuming food viewed as healthy. He also appreciates (animated) movies, and plays guitar at a basic level for fun.

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