Amy E. Chadwick, Ph.D.


Amy E. Chadwick, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Specialization: Persuasion and Social Influence; Health Communication; Environmental Communication; Message Design; Emotion
Schoonover Center 411


Amy E. Chadwick (Ph.D., Penn State University) is an associate professor in the School of Communication Studies, Scripps College of Communication at the Ohio University. She is also an affiliated faculty member in the Communication and Development Studies Program, Center for International Studies at Ohio University. Dr. Chadwick is an affiliated member of the Diabetes Institute at Ohio University.

Dr. Chadwick’s research is in the areas of persuasion, message design, health communication, and environmental communication. Much of her research examines how communication messages can affect attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to health and environmental issues, such as climate change, vaccination, advance care planning, and obesity. Dr. Chadwick is particularly interested in identifying intrinsic message features that create the discrete emotion hope and exploring how these messages and feelings of hope can promote pro-social change. She has developed and is continuously refining a theory of persuasive hope that identifies the causes and persuasive consequences of hope. In addition, she is examining the effects of hope on psychophysiological markers of stress. Dr. Chadwick also studies environmental and health disparities in rural Appalachia.

Dr. Chadwick has published in journal such as, Health Communication, Health Promotion and Practice, Journal of Adolescent Health, Journal of Communication in Health Care and the Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice. She regularly presents her research at scholarly conferences, including the International Communication Association and the National Communication Association at which she’s earned top paper awards.

Dr. Chadwick teaches graduate classes about health campaigns, quantitative research methods, and measurement. She also teaches undergraduate courses in health communication, persuasion, climate change communication, environmental communication, campaigns, and quantitative research methods.

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