Charee Thompson, Ph.D.


Charee Thompson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Specializations: Interpersonal and family communication, health communication
Schoonover 402


Dr. Thompson specializes in interpersonal and family communication with a focus on how individuals talk about health in relationships. She is most interested in processes of information management, stress and coping, and social support, as well as the experiences of adolescents and young adults.

A current project of hers explores the phenomenon of “Crying Wolf” and perceived misrepresentations of health conditions. She is studying what happens when we believe someone close to us exaggerates or falsifies his or her health condition. How do we decide the person is crying wolf? Does crying wolf evoke negative thoughts and feelings toward the person? Does it lead us to be less supportive?

Another current project of Dr. Thompson’s focuses on how emerging adults support parents with chronic health conditions. She and students conducted interviews with EAs to understand and associate patterns of support-related turning points and trajectories with indicators of relational closeness, resilience, and illness uncertainty.

Some of her other work on relationships and health investigates the support needs of adolescents and young adult cancer patients and survivors (AYA), the attitudes and beliefs of adolescent contraception providers, the influence of social networking sites on college drinking, the experiences of partners whose significant other has a mental health condition, and the ways in which family members influence one another’s weight management behaviors.

Her research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Communication Monographs, Human Communication Research, Health Communication, Journal of Health Communication, Journal of Family Communication, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Communication Reports, and Communication Research Reports. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in interpersonal and family communication, health communication, and quantitative methods. She enjoys reading, traveling, and being outdoors with her husband, Josh, and dog, Chloe.

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