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Our next SMART Dialogue is by Dr. Jessica Ford.

Ohio University School of Communication Studies shared SMART Lab, Scripps College of Communication's Dr. Jessica Ford.

SMART Lab, Scripps College of Communication
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#TeamSMART Video Series: Learn more about Dr. Jessica Ford, Assistant Professor at Ohio University School of Communication Studies in Ohio University Scripps College of Communication.

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Dear COMS Community:

In recent days, the National Communication Association ( and the Scripps College of Communication ( have issued statements in response to recent political developments and executive actions. On behalf of the School of Communication Studies, I want to commend the leadership of both our national organization and our college for advocating on behalf of accurate, evidence-based, and inclusive communication practices.

As students of communication studies, we have a vital role to play during this moment of intense disagreement and antagonism. I am not referring to party affiliations and partisan politics. Instead, I am referring to our capacities to listen to one another, to empathize and seek common ground, and to recognize the ability to challenge a person’s ideas without challenging their personhood. I am also referring to our willingness to call out misinformation and injustice, no matter the source. In the words of our school’s mission statement, “We strive to understand how communication affects identities, communities, and cultures, and to develop communicators who are effective and ethical.”

I am saddened by official communication that stereotypes and marginalizes groups of people based on their ethnicity, race, religion, and national origin. I am similarly disheartened by the willingness of so many to present information that is, at best, manipulative or, at worst, simply false. Nevertheless, I am also encouraged by those who are standing up and speaking out, including those who are a part of our school. Let us all commit ourselves to modeling our mission: we can be passionate yet inclusive, we can disagree yet be respectful of difference, and we can value truth yet acknowledge uncertainty.

This is a moment of tremendous challenge and opportunity. May our commitment to effective and ethical communication continue to shape the future in positive ways.


Michael L. Butterworth
Director, School of Communication Studies
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Bruce Gronbeck Rhetoric Society
Ohio Professor Emeritus Raymie McKerrow delivered the Keynote at this year's Midwest Winter Workshop. This was also a homecoming for Dr. McKerrow, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa.
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The Bruce Gronbeck Rhetoric Society presents, as a part of the Midwest Winter Workshop, a talk by Dr. Raymie McKerrow entitled "Michel Foucault on Ethics and Truth-Telling: Implications for Rhetoric." This event is sponsored by the National Communication Association, Rhetoric Society of America, and the Communication Studies Department at the University of Iowa.

COMS has been proud to have Dr. David Descutner as a colleague for many years (going back to our INCO days). Today, we congratulate him on being named Interim President of Ohio University! ... See MoreSee Less

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Tuesday, January 17!
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The Storytelling Institute is proud to sponsor a public lecture by Dr. Laura Ellingson of Santa Clara University. Her work challenges dominant narratives of cancer survivorship and offers counter-narratives that include "late effects" that many long term survivors experience.

Tuesday, January 17!

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