• Dr. Lisa Phillips (right, 2005 COMS Ph.D. alumna) speaks with Scripps College of Communication Dean Scott Titsworth and Senior Director of Development Robin Stock, during the "Black in Athens" event held during the Black Alumni Reunion.
Welcome to the School of Communication Studies

The School of Communication Studies (COMS) offers three distinct academic programs for our students. The Bachelor of Science Degree promotes a liberal arts orientation whereby students learn to pose questions and pursue answers by critically thinking, describing, synthesizing, critiquing, and imagining. Our top ranked doctoral program provides students with rigorous instruction to develop and enhance research expertise in Relating and Organizing, Health Communication, and Rhetoric and Public Address. The  on-line Master of Arts in Organizational Communication allows professionals to study and earn a degree from a distance. We encourage you to explore the information contained here and discover what COMS at OU can offer you. We are proud of our heritage, proud of our graduates and proud of our discipline!

COMS is hiring an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Public Culture!



Graduate Spotlight -

Between the spring of 2010 and the summer of 2013, Steve Phalen volunteered actively with The Gathering Place (The GP), a non-profit drop-in center for people living with mental illness in and around the area of Athens, Ohio. The Gathering Place provides persons living with the experience of mental illness a space where they may gather so they may be a part of and contribute to a supportive and empathic environment within communities that are unfamiliar with this state of being in the world.

Steve conducted his dissertation research with The GP exploring the possibilities music creates for expressions of self and community. During the course of his time volunteering with the organization, he made music with the members during both the loosely structured collaborative jam session referred to as GP ... Read More

COMS in Action

COMS in Action: Colin Walker -

As an undergraduate scholar in Communication and Public Advocacy, Colin Walker yearned to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities he gained from COMS in service to others. In a recent study abroad trip to South Africa, he worked to understand and give a voice to South Africans suffering in the face of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Read his testimony, listen to his radio broadcast, and allow yourself to be inspired to take your education outside of the classroom.

*Please be advised, some of the contents of the radio program may be disturbing.

Testimony (see Walker Testimony)

Broadcast (audio link)

Important Dates


February 18-21: Western States Communication Association (Salt Lake City, UT)

March 6-11: Spring Break

March 16-18: Central States Communication Association (Minneapolis, MN)

March 27-31: Scripps College of Communication, Communication Week

March 29-31: Eastern Communication Association (Boston, MA)

April 5-9: Southern States Communication Association

April 28: Spring Graduate Commencement

April 29: Spring Undergraduate Commencement

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